HR Webinar:

Key ways to ensure the wellbeing and retention of working families in uncertain times – hosted by HR Grapevine Live - On-Demand

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Concerns about the cost of living are global and far-reaching yet measures to address this need to be local and practical.

What are the best employers doing now to ensure they can still attract and retain talent, but also support their employees' general wellbeing? Should salaries simply rise or does that do more harm by fuelling inflation? What are the other innovative and non-obvious options for employers?

During this workshop, you will:

  • Gain timely insights into the options to help employees’ income go further, while also achieving a commercial and cultural fit for the employer
  • Understand how Employee Experience takes on a new urgency and meaning in times when finances are squeezed
  • Take away actionable tips and advice for your own workforce
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