Beyond Childcare: Inclusive family support strategies – On Demand

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Anyone in HR knows that our employees’ families have come more firmly into view in the last 3 years. With the labour market still tight, employers are competing to offer packages that make life easier, whatever ‘family’ may mean for their talented workers.

Employers’ policies and benefits range far beyond help with childcare into virtual tutoring for teens and even pet-sitting and dog-walking services. It may surprise you to discover the range of sectors already putting such supports in place in order to attract talent to key roles, retain loyal staff, and empower people to attend central offices.

We discussed:

  • Innovative employer examples on supporting employees’ family life
  • New research showing what ‘good’ looks like on everything from new parents to ongoing family life in all its diversity. 
  • How to benchmark your practice on parental leave and other family policies and supports

Chair: James Marsh, L&D Manager, The Guardian and former Editor of HRreview

Our panel of speakers:

Carrie-Ann Odlum, People Operations Lead, RPC

Leah Gray, Benefits Manager, MMC

Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizons

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