Employer Experience & Best Practice HR Webinar

Technology Sector

In our new world, where the reality of Work+Family has been brought into sharp focus, we’re exploring the changes, challenges and potential futures in different industry sectors. Join us for 45 minutes of conversation about current, changing and next practice in technology sectors.

In this webinar we'll be examining what's happened over the last few weeks in a nation that’s now largely 'working from home'.

- The how’s and why’s of Microsoft’s commitment to working parent employees so far

- How are people coping and what approaches are they employing to manage work and home?

- How are technology sector employers supporting them and looking after their wellbeing?

- What will employers be doing to support people in the short to midterm.

- What are what the options in getting back to the workplace?

- What are the learnings so far from this experience?

- How will this change working patterns in the future?

Hosted by Iole Matthews,  Coaching & Consultancy Lead at Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions.  She’ll be joined by Karen Sancto, Compensation & Benefits Specialist at Microsoft and Rachel Jackson. Looking at life from the employee perspective, Rachel is a working mother, a 20 year veteran in technology sales and now strives to improve workplaces to enable talented working mothers to thrive.

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