HR Review Webinar:

Who are the Best Employers for Equal Parenting? - On-Demand

This HR Review Webinar took place on 17th November at 11:00am, watch on demand here.

Among many Millennial and Gen Z employees, unequal parental leave provisions seem baffling and even offensive. Why do many policies presume one ‘primary’ carer and one ‘secondary’ carer? Why are assumptions so gendered?

It has been well-known for some time that promoting equal parenting closes the gender pay gap, indeed it’s part of Government evidence-based advice for addressing gender equality. So what are the barriers to doing this and how can we overcome them?

Beyond parental leave, there are many other ways employers can support new and ongoing parents Hear from expert voices on what parents want and what excellence looks like in practice.

This lively conversation discussed:

  • How Shared Parental Leave or other equal parental leave policies led to more engaged employees and a smaller gender pay gap
  • What today’s fathers want and expect from employers?
  • Which employers are doing well in this area, and what we can learn from them

Our panel of speakers included:

Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Thought Leadership - Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions

Chair: James Marsh, L&D Manager, The Guardian and former Editor of HRreview

Iole Matthews, Head of Coaching Services – Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions

Han-Son Lee, Founder and CEO of DaddiLife

Sarah Forbes, Senior Lecturer – University of York

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