HRReview Webinar:

Family-friendly business practice on a global scale. - Watch On-Demand

Date: Thursday, 6th February 2020

Increasingly employers want a joined-up global approach to supporting employees in combining work and family. Driven by the competition for talent, greater transparency on gender pay gaps and new gender-neutral expectations around parental leave, we need to ‘think globally and act locally’ working with differing cultural considerations, circumstances and expectations.

In this lively and practical webinar, James Marsh will be discussing emerging global family-friendly trends and solutions with leading global employers along with Jennifer Liston-Smith, Head of Coaching, Consultancy & Thought Leadership at Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions, as well as Andrea Wicks-Bowles, Senior Consultant, Director Global Initiatives at Bright Horizons. We’ll place particular emphasis on what the UK can learn from, and offer to, other global regions.

Bright Horizons serves over 1,100 client organisations globally, bringing deep insights into best practice on policy and on provision from Workplace Nurseries and Back-Up Care to Coaching & Development for parents and carers, training for line managers and online resources such as the Parental Leave Toolkit.

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