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What’s Next in Work-Life Balance? - Watch On-Demand

What's Next in Work-Life Balance? - Watch On-Demand

For employers and employees, Q2 means a series of tentative steps out of self-preservation and into new ways of working. Innovation is much discussed. Employers have taken turns to announce plans for their version of hybrid working with difference emphases on office, remote, hub-based or blended work patterns.

Meanwhile, as we experiment with new normals, the summer holidays loom large and working parents face the annual juggle. Employers have been much more involved in care provision and also in supporting wellbeing and mental health.

Will employers continue to play a strong role in enabling ‘life’ through benefits, programmes and greater choice? Or will remote working deliver an always-on, work-first culture?

Watch On-Demand our Head of Thought Leadership Jennifer Liston-Smith on the 13th of May for a lively discussion with Denise Priest, Director of Employer and Strategic Partnerships, Bright Horizons and Oliver Black, Work+Family Solutions Commercial Director, Bright Horizons.

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