HRreview Webinar with Bright Horizons

Multigenerational Wellbeing: the Role of Family Benefits

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Across all the changes of the last 5 years, Wellbeing has stayed firmly on the agenda for leading employers. It’s seen as a vital focus for talent retention, attraction and employee experience among the most competitive employers. Now with five (or more) generations in the workplace and a dizzying array of wellbeing benefits available, how do you achieve a coherent strategy?

Andrei Ursu of Bloomberg and Benedict Gautrey of Great Places to Work discussed how paying attention to family support gives a clear backbone to a wellbeing policy across life stages. This requires a wide definition of family (including children of all ages, elder relatives, partners, family-forming, pets to name a few, among a diverse range of family structures and partnerships).

Jennifer Liston-Smith of Bright Horizons delved deeper into the 2024 Modern Families Index to explore – among other things – the intersectional needs of the sandwich generation with children and elder dependants and the need for smart thinking in addressing family support.

During this lively conversation, with our panel of leading thinkers, we discussed:

  • Practical and strategic actions being taken by leading employers across life stages.
  • How to achieve high engagement through innovative strategies for inclusion at the point of need.
  • The role of networks and champions in communicating and shaping wellbeing benefits
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