Modern Families Index 2018: Employers Guide

With dual earning families on the rise in the UK, the topic of family-friendly workplaces is a pressing one.

The 2018 Modern Families Index explores how working families are managing the combination of work and family life. This year, the Index told us: the UK continues to have a long hours culture which disadvantages working parents and damages family life - and parents are voting with their feet in response; there is a clear and growing parenthood penalty - fathers as well as mothers are making career compromises; flexible working on its own is not enough to deliver work life balance for parents; family friendly workplace culture is key to unlocking parents' potential

These provide valuable insights for employers:

  • What employers should focus on to support families at work, and;

  • The changes employers need to make to future proof their business and recruit, retain and engage the best talent.

Download your copy of our Modern Families Index: Employer's Guide to find out more about working families and how Bright Horizons and Working Families can help you make these changes.

Download your copy of the Modern Families Index: Employers Guide

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