The real ROI of a back-up care programme?

Just ask our friends at KPMG!

At Bright Horizons, we love it when our clients and their people succeed. The only thing we love more?  When our clients and their people succeed through support that we’ve been able to offer.

It therefore gives us great pleasure to share the following screenshot and caption:

We know that for working families, managing responsibilities at work with caring for loved ones at home is a balancing act. And just when you think you’ve mastered it, an unexpected challenge arises that even Mystic Meg couldn’t have predicted – leaving you feeling deflated and questioning if it’s all even possible, not to mention panicked about how to solve the immediate situation.

The good news? Work, family, career – working families can really do it all! It just takes a little help from a great back-up care programme.

At Bright Horizons, it’s our mission to provide innovative work/life solutions that help children, families and employers to work together to be at their very best and we’re so proud to work with leading employers around the world who support their people, like Claire, to thrive. Families have the hard part of balancing work and family – and we get the joy of helping them succeed.

From Bright Horizons and working parents everywhere, thank you so much Claire and KPMG for sharing your inspiring story.  Day or night, we’re always here for you!

Download our study The Lasting Impact of Back-Up Care to hear from families and employers utilising back-up care and the significant impact it has.