Pet Care

Every kind of family matters.

Loved ones aren't just the human variety.

This innovative & inclusive benefit enables Back-Up Care to support even more of your employee population.

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Why Pet Care, Young Girl with Dog

Why Pet Care?

Over half of UK households are pet owners with a dog or a cat who is considered one of the family. 

This means it’s likely that for many of your employees, the care and wellbeing of their pet is high up on their agenda.

Every kind of family matters, and the needs of all loved ones, not just the human variety, are important considerations.

Acknowledging this reality and including Pet Care within your family-friendly benefits will demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity and providing meaningful benefits.

Why Pet Care, Manager Sat at Desk

And it makes good business sense too.

Whether it's a midday walk, playtime, or simply companionship, the peace of mind provided by Pet Care frees your employees to be able to concentrate during working hours.

Free to focus on work without the worry of their furry companions experiencing anxiety, or missing out on much needed exercise.

Your reassured pet parents are more engaged, and likely to perform at their best, knowing that their four-legged friends are in good hands.

This innovative benefit will make you stand out when it comes talent recruitment and retention.

Care you can trust

We thought carefully about our choice of service provider and we’re confident we’ve found the best. Our partner has an excellent reputation, operating in 10 countries and with over 20 million happy customers, they have the world’s largest network of 5 star pet sitters and dog walkers.

What's included:

  • Verified reviews by pet owners
  • Sitter background or identity checks
  • Meet & greets to find the perfect fit
  • Reservation protection for every booking
  • 24/7 Trust & Safety Support for pet owners and sitters
  • Vet advice for sitters during bookings
  • A team of trust and safety experts
  • Ongoing sitter education resources
  • Vet care reimbursement through the Rover Guarantee

How does it work?

Pet Care is part of the Bright Horizons' Back-Up Care Programme

Employees can access the service online, via the dedicated app, or by phone.

Pet Care helps save the day if there’s a breakdown in usual pet care arrangements, or a change in schedule.

What our clients are saying

Find out what some of our Pet Care users are saying about the service.

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