Back-Up Adult and Eldercare

Our Back-Up Care solution includes adult and eldercare, providing a fully inclusive solution for your employees.

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Adult and eldercare

Why Adult and Eldercare?

1 in every 7 UK employees is a working carer* and more people than ever before have responsibilities for both children and adult loved ones.

For these employees the risk of burn out or opt out is high, especially among women.

In our recent Modern Families Index research, three-quarters of those with adult caring responsibilities said they need to carefully consider adult care or eldercare options before accepting a promotion or a new job.

For employers this means clear policies and benefits to support carers in the workforce are essential when it comes to recruitment and succession-planning.

*Employers for Carers

Eldercare services

Our services

Our eldercare services provide personalised care, companionship, and assistance with daily living activities, when existing solutions fail, or a new need suddenly arises.

Looking ahead to longer-term care challenges, our Care Choices service can ease the stress and save valuable time when your employees are navigating options. They’ll receive guidance and advice on the state benefits and support available, and the range of care options and likely costs involved.

In addition, our Work and Family Space offers webinars, newsletters and resource packs, and even a free Speak to an Expert Service to support your employees with all aspects of work and care.

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How does it work?

From elderly dependants to your employees themselves or their partners, care is provided by trusted, experienced care professionals.

Read our eldercare and adultcare focused information pack, and learn more about how Back-Up Care solutions provide a fully age and life stage inclusive solution for your employees.

What's the impact

What’s the impact?

After pay, seeking better family support is highest on the list of reasons why people leave their employers, and it’s a top reason for nearly a third.

By providing benefits which protect their wellbeing and offer practical solutions you reap the rewards of a loyal, engaged workforce and a reputation as a family-friendly employer.

The numbers speak for themselves: over 90% of people who have used Back-Up Care say they feel their employer is supportive of family, and 17 out of 20 said it reduced the stress and negative impact of care breakdowns on work.

What our clients are saying

Find out what some of our Adult and Eldercare users are saying about the service.

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