Virtual Tutoring

Over half of working parents* are concerned about educational catch up. They have deep worries about the pandemic’s impact on their children’s development.

We have seen many leading employers (we work with over 400) transition in recent times towards viewing back-up care as a wellbeing provision. to support this, virtual tutoring can now be incorporated into a Back-Up Care Programme alongside our many types of care.

This goes much further than simply avoiding absence. It empowers employees to be fully ‘present’ at work when their children’s care and education worries are understood and addressed.

Bright Horizons is working in collaboration with award-winning tuition experts Explore Learning to deliver virtual tuition to working parent and carer employees.

Your employees' children will be matched with an expert tutor who will support their learning through live online 1-1 sessions. Tuition is available for children aged from 4 to 16 years, in Maths and English. Our programme supports both 11+ and GCSE preparation.

*2022 Bright Horizons Modern Families Index