Employer-Sponsored Childcare

Employer-sponsored childcare and Back-Up Care top the wish list of what makes employees loyal and likely to stay.
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Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - Workplace Nurseries

Workplace nurseries

Affordable, high-quality childcare, reassuringly located at or near your workplace.

Consistently, employers tell us their top priority is to engage and retain their people. If you ask working parents what’s most important to them, they’ll say the wellbeing and happiness of their children. There’s one benefit that addresses both simultaneously.

Over 9 in 10 employees with access to onsite or nearsite nursery places say it boosts their wellbeing, ease of working and productivity, and helps them progress their careers.

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - Why it matters

Why it matters

Workplace nurseries are a ‘sticky benefit’, providing a crucial competitive edge for recruitment and retention. It’s a tangible and practical commitment to employee wellbeing, while giving working parents peace of mind in the early years of parenthood. It supports productivity and levels the playing field for them to achieve their career goals.

Putting a Workplace Nursery Programme in places allows you to:

Hold on to your best people.

A workplace nursery is a great incentive to return after parental leave - over three-quarters surveyed agreed that employer-sponsored childcare made the return easier.

Remove Stress, increase performance.

Help your people be at their best - over 90% said access to employer-sponsored childcare boosts their wellbeing, ease of working and productivity, and helps them progress their careers.

Be the employer of choice for working parents.

It’s a sticky benefit - 89% of those with access to employer-sponsored childcare said they were more likely to stay with their employer.

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - Workplace Nurseries, How it works

How it works

From first concept to implementation and ongoing management, we’ve got your business covered. Choose Bright Horizons as your strategic partner and we will:

  • Assess nursery demand analysis based on employee demographics.
  • Develop full setting proposals, including costs from start-up to ongoing operational.
  • Deliver full management of the nursery, including regulatory and safety compliance, education and curriculum, staffing and tailored reporting based on your requirements.
  • Provide access to a bespoke Work + Family Space platform, offering a wide range of resources to help working parents and carers.
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RAF Northolt nursery and preschool

Workplace Nurseries at RAF Northolt

RAF Northolt faced the challenge of accommodating an increased number of service personnel due to organisational changes.

Embarking on a collaborative project with Bright Horizons to establish a new nursery facility with a commitment to high-quality early years care and education, coupled with an affordable fee structure.

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Testimonials & Feedback

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions Client - Royal Airforce

The Nursery is essential for the operational effectiveness of our personnel. Day to day we need people to be able to concentrate on their work without having to stress about childcare.

Vee Howe, SQN LDR, OC PMS, RAF Northolt
Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions Client - JP Morgan Chase & Co

For the business the benefit is easy to maintain and brings big rewards. Similarly for employees, access to emergency care brings them peace of mind and helps them to be productive and focused at work

Employee Benefits Manager (UK), JP Morgan Chase & Co

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions Client - Burges Salmon

We trust Bright Horizons to have the best interests of our people in mind. Our relationship with them is open, collaborative, and we really enjoy working with them.

Senior L&D Partner, Burges Salmon

Nursery Partnerships

The benefits of a workplace nursery, but not restricted to a single site. Nursery Partnership provides high-quality nursery places with tax savings and game-changing flexibility. All the benefits of a workplace nursery, at locations best suited to your people.

Remote, hybrid, in-person. Every employee’s family is unique, and so are the organisations they work for. A Nursery Partnership enables you to adapt a classic benefit to suit the dynamic and varied needs of your people.

Why it matters

Support parents financially at a critical time

The demand for benefits that help employees with the cost of living is higher than ever and is one of the most important factors in recruitment and retention.

Employees save on average 32% of childcare cost, depending on salary and tax bands (if utilising the government’s Workplace Nursery Tax exemption).

Improve employee retention by increasing flexibility

A Nursery Partnership agreement allows you to extend the impact of providing a workplace nursery benefit beyond just one site.

This opens up the potential for you to provide support across a dispersed workforce.

Be the employer of choice for working parents

Offering childcare places, conveniently located and at a discounted rate, helps you to stand out from the crowd when competing for talent.

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - Nursery Partnerships, How it works

How it works

For employers that have 750+ people working at one site, a partnership with a local Bright Horizons nursery could allow your people to save 30%+ on their fees and be cost-neutral for you.

Every partnership is unique, and we will help you understand if this, or another solution is right for you, guiding you through the whole process.

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