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Parental Leave Transitions

Supporting successful transitions into working parenthood.

We'll help you make life better for those navigating the road into parenthood, and their managers.

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Why it matters

Becoming a parent is the most critical risk point for retention in an employee’s career journey. Supporting this complex transition sets prospective parents and their managers up for long-term success as the journey begins.

Our coaches are specialists in the field of parental transitions. Their expertise is built into the content of our innovative Parental Leave Toolkit, an app which offers timely advice and customised prompts, and a self-service knowledge base to support successful transitions at each step. There's live interaction with our coaches during monthly online drop-in sessions, which provide opportunities for questions to be answered and experiences to be shared.

Many of our clients choose to enhance the Parental Leave Toolkit and offer group and/or 1-1 coaching, designed to meet the specific needs of the organisation.

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Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - Parental Leave Toolkit Individuals

For Parents

By entering milestone dates into the app your employees will get timely prompts, tools, drop-in sessions, and advice to help them navigate each stage from pre-leave and leave to successful return.

Monthly drop-in sessions provide them with peer support and access to experts on a variety of topics.

They will receive timely content that helps them to balance this stage of their life with their work responsibilities.

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - Parental Leave Toolkit Managers

For Line Managers

Line managers will receive notifications, checklists and tools in sync with their team member's milestones to help plan the transition. Monthly Q&A sessions provide important peer support and shared learning alongside reassuring expert coaching advice.

Empowers your line managers to better navigate the parental transition process, sensitively balancing employee needs with business priorities.

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - Parental Leave Toolkit HR Dashboard

HR Dashboard

Your bespoke dashboard provides unique insight, helping you to identify employee needs and focus support for the greatest business impact.

Ensure you give your company the best chance of retaining talent, by providing the benefits your parental leavers need, when they need them.

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Discover how our award-winning Parental Leave Toolkit supports working parents and managers.

Big life changes need careful planning. Our toolkit provides checklists, expert advice, personalised notifications and so much more to reassure and prepare you for what lies ahead.

Bright Horizons Work+Family Solutions - Parental Leave Transitions, The Moments That Matter

The Moments That Matter

With its focus on effective communication and building confidence, coaching is highly effective in supporting other life transitions beyond the parental leave experience. We have developed tailored coaching programmes for our clients on many major life events - for example becoming a carer, marital breakdown, and bereavement. Having experienced coaching over a third of employees said coaching made them feel better equipped to manage their ongoing career and balance their work and family lives.

Learn more about the impact of coaching.

Client Story: Stephenson Harwood

Client Story: Stephenson Harwood

Empowering working parents and shaping the future of work.

Discover how Stephenson Harwood equip their employees and managers with the skills to successfully navigate the parent transition.

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