Everything you need to help your working parents and carers - all in one place.

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Our Work+Family Space is a website created for your employees and customised with your company logo


It’s a simple cost-effective solution to the needs of your working parents (and carers) right now.

Post Covid, we've all had to adapt! It's not just working parents having to rethink how they work, their childcare and domestic arrangements and look after their own wellbeing, but also workers with adult and eldercare needs. 

The Work+Family Space gives them access to a range of Bright Horizons Solutions that offer practical, emotional and developmental support, plus advice and information on all things work+family related.

Family responsibilities are as diverse as individuals

That’s never been more true. When users first register for our Work+Family Space they tell us about their family life-stages and interests.

This means that when they
 log on or receive communications from us, we’re only putting content and services in front of them that’s really relevant to them, their families and their situation.

We know managers matter

We provide resources for managers to enable and support them in managing their teams, including the challenges of work+family with team members.

“I need to have a ‘difficult conversation’ with one my team and this [Having difficult conversations webinar] was really helpful and gave me a lot to think about”

Insight & Metrics

We’ll provide you with user profile information, regular reports on usage, user feedback and uptake of the services.

The Work+Family Dashboard puts all the information at your fingertips and on demand.

All our solutions are available through our Work+Family Space platform

You can customise your Work+Family Space, offering the services that meet your needs and those of your employees. Set-up is quick and easy and we do all the work.

- Access to Back-Up Care solutions that suit you and your budget

- A bespoke branded Work+Family for your organisation


- Support and help for managers and their working parents and carers


- Customisable with additional services and bespoke coaching & development


- A fully managed comms and engagement programme


- Suitable for all organisation locations, sizes and sectors



When a nanny cancels, school closes or an elderly relative has an emergency, your organisation can suffer. A reliable back-up programme helps ensure that disruptions at home don’t lead to disruptions in the workplace.

Virtual Tutoring


An evolution from just reducing absenteeism to a focus on wellbeing



We’re also able to provide working parents with access to flexible and ad hoc care when they need it to manage their busy and changing lives.



We provide expert advice to help your employees find the right ongoing childcare for their family.



We provide expert advice to help your employees find the right ongoing adult or eldercare for their family.



Our coaching sessions provide structure, guidance, tips and tools to help your employees plan and thrive through key life transitions and ongoing family life-stages.



Throughout the year we run a series of upbeat, practical and interactive webinar events for working parents and carers.

Speak to an Expert


Employees can arrange a call with one of our work+family experts. Our honest and straightforward approach ensures they receive genuinely relevant advice.

Speak to an Expert


A library of invaluable, detailed guides for you to download. Handy sections include work-life balance, parenting and childcare, education, and eldercare advice.

Speak to an Expert


A library of invaluable, detailed guides for you to download. Handy sections include work-life balance, parenting and childcare, education, and eldercare advice.

Speak to an Expert


Jump the queue on the waiting list and take advantage of our exclusive preferential enrolment at Bright Horizons.

Speak to an Expert


We've partnered with nanny payroll experts NannyTax to provide an exclusive 15% off their fully-managed domestic employee payroll service. Perfect for families, nannies, and agencies alike.

Speak to an Expert


If you have permanent childcare needs, we've partnered with UK-leading nanny agency chain Tinies to help arrange nanny placements.

Speak to an Expert


With the summer coming up, we can provide discounted access to school holiday clubs across the country.

Solutions that work for everyone

The work+family webinars are so useful and address topics we parents all grapple with - such a good way to spend your lunchtime - I listen while I eat!

Susan, Snr. Account Manager

Speak to an Expert is a Wonderful benefit and on top of that, wonderful expert who my wife and I spoke with. Understanding, accommodating, patient and helpful.

James, Customer Services

I love to read the blogs, and find them so interesting and helpful. Even though they will cover serious concerns, and can be sad, they are often wry, amusing and uplifting.”

Anya, PA

Our solutions will improve the retention, engagement, and productivity of your employees

Carolyn Lee / Head of Diversity and Inclusion

Herbert Smith Freehills

We chose to work with Bright Horizons because it offered services that would address our need to support staff with childcare needs. Bright Horizons offered the most flexible service in terms of Emergency Childcare, giving our employees the option of having a temporary nanny in their own home, or using a registered childminder or nursery close to their home or close to the office.

Deborah Richards / UK and Ireland Diversity Leader


In the IT Sector, attracting and retaining employees is critical to our success. The support we offer is crucial to every employee combining work and family, and underpins IBM's enduring commitment to diversity. Bright Horizons services through our Work+Family Space, enables us to make this support visible and easily accessible to everyone.

Sarah Kirk / Global Diversity & Inclusion Director

Page Group

Deciding to work with Bright Horizons was the obvious choice as they provide effective ways for our business to engage and retain the best talent. As with all the best partnerships, our relationship and work with Bright Horizons has evolved to reflect our changing needs and our programme development. Bright Horizons share our belief that showing support and loyalty to working parents is key to company growth and development.

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