The gold standard for Goldman Sachs’ Children’s Centre

At Bright Horizons, we’re always a little excited when our clients are expecting. So when our friends at Goldman Sachs told us that they were relocating and opening a brand new European HQ in London, we were overjoyed to welcoming the pitter patter of 48 little pairs feet at a brand new nursery!

For working parents and especially those returning from parental leave, finding high-quality, affordable and dependable childcare can often be a deciding factor in entering, rejoining and remaining in the workplace. It can offer peace of mind for families knowing that their children are being cared for by expert childcare professionals, and the confidence to grow and thrive both at home and at work.

And Goldman Sachs has certainly met this need at their brand new Children’s Centre.

With four dedicated rooms for children aged three months to five years, and an additional Out of School Care programme for older children during the holidays, The Children’s Centre offers a rich and stimulating environment, with endless opportunities for educational play and learning. An additional Activity Room also brings learning to life, where the children can enjoy various cooking activities, science experiments as well as arts and crafts, which complement Bright Horizons’ Creative Cooks, Growing Scientists and Growing Artists learning enhancements.

During the school holidays, the centre also boasts a climbing wall, soft and cosy area, and an interactive technology suite for school-aged children, with lots of outdoor spaces to ride bikes and trikes, play physical games and enhance their gross motor skills.

The centre is exclusively for use by the firm’s employees, and provides the reassurance for parents – especially first-time parents – of knowing their child is moments away, expertly cared by dedicated early years practitioners. Nursing mothers also have access to a dedicated Wellness Suite, complete with lactation equipment and milk storage.

Every employee, whatever their childcare arrangements, is also eligible for 20 days of back-up childcare per year, which is invaluable when for example a nanny is sick, or the employee needs to work an unscheduled day or travel for meetings.

Goldman Sachs’ new bundle of joy will officially open on Monday 9th September.

Thank you, Goldman Sachs, for partnering with Bright Horizons again. We’re delighted to be opening your new Children’s Centre and to be working with you. You are truly the gold standard for working families.