Adult & Eldercare Choices

Having the right care in place is central to being able to combine work and family successfully. And it’s never been more important. As working carers adjust to new ways of working, they’re going to need to reevaluate their care needs and put new solutions in place. As we all know, no two family situations are same. We provide one-to-one expert help and make the process quicker, easier and less stressful, with successful outcomes.

We recognise that to work effectively, working carers need to feel confident and content about their eldercare arrangements. That's where Bright Horizons’ unique service comes into its own.

Our specialist consultants are here to advise and help your working carers find the right type of regular care with the provider that's right for them and their family.

They understand all the issues, challenges and potential pitfalls in choosing and finding care, whether for those with adult dependants with varied individual requirements at home or moving into a supported setting or care home.

One-to-one phone or videoconference consultations with Adult & Eldercare specialists based in the UK can be quickly and easily arranged.

The carefully matched consultant will take time to understand the individual’s needs and family situation, providing information and advice to support the individual in their search for appropriate care. They’ll follow this up with a summary of advice, relevant guides and signposting to relevant resources.

Some of areas we cover in Adult & Eldercare Choices

  • Helping you determine the most appropriate type of care and understand the different options available.
  • Guidance to help you navigate the maze towards finding suitable local care homes and other accommodation.
  • Advice on finding the best local care agencies or arranging home assessments.
  • Explaining what state benefits and support are available.
  • Helping you understand care options and likely costs.
  • Insights into your options in making home adaptations.

Feedback from our Clients’ employees:

“Thank you so much for all this wonderful information and for your time yesterday. In all seriousness, you are brilliant! Not only do I feel more clear and confident in what to look for and how to make my future choices; but I also found my time with you extremely therapeutic, your manner is very professional and conveys a breath of expertise and you helped normalise some of my more anxious thoughts. Thank you so much, I very much appreciate your time!”

“I was not even aware of this service until a colleague mentioned it to me. I think this is a fantastic service, very professional but also very empathetic and it was so good to talk to someone not actually connected to the situation. The consultant mentioned things I hadn't even thought about. I am very appreciative and would recommend the service to anyone. Thank you!”

“Very friendly and calming at a time of extreme concern for my father. I felt that the advice was spot on and very practical. Martha took time to listen and demonstrated that she fully understood the situation and was very reassuring, following up with practical ideas. It has definitely helped with the next steps and it helps very much to know that she is there for me to reach out if I need to/have any further concerns.”

“Response was brilliant and immediate, and Lena was wonderful and so helpful, listening carefully and making brilliant suggestions as well as sending a detailed and wonderful follow up email.”

“Very good, very thorough. I have been stressed about this and the advice is gratefully received. Things I hadn't thought about and information received is great.”