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Workplace Nurseries

Workplace nurseries support organisations by providing high-quality, accessible and affordable childcare for employees which is conveniently located at or near the workplace.

There are a number of different options for workplace nurseries to suit the size and shape of every organisation:

Corporate Nursery
A Corporate Nursery is a workplace nursery exclusively for the employees of a particular organisation. The nursery is usually built onsite or very close to the organisation and this option is usually chosen when an organisation has a large employee base in one area (we usually recommend more than 750 people).

Community and Corporate Nursery
A Community and Corporate Nursery is a workplace nursery which is open to employees of a particular organisation and also families in the local community. The nursery is usually built onsite or very close to the organisation and a Community and Corporate Nursery is usually chosen if the employee base is not significantly large but there is demand for childcare in the local community.

Membership Places
Organisations who have a small employee base in a particular area can choose to purchase places at a Bright Horizons nursery for their employees.

Shared Corporate Nursery
A Shared Corporate Nursery is a workplace nursery which has been created for employees at organisations which are located close-by, such as on a business park.

The Business Benefits of a Workplace Nursery

Workplace nurseries can have a substantial impact on both employees’ wellbeing and your organisation. Increased engagement, productivity and focus are just a few of the areas which can be impacted, and forward-thinking employers are already putting the wheels in motion and getting ahead of the curve. The business case is clear: 

An Employer of Choice
With the highest employment rates recorded, today’s parents are making up a large proportion of our workforce. An increasing number of those are women too, with a falling number staying at home to look after the house and family. There’s also a growing number of dads wishing to be more involved in family life and striving to balance work commitments with family responsibilities.

For working families, finding the right organisation which understands the challenges and nurtures the aspirations of modern families will be a top priority. Almost 90% of families rate their workplace nursery as the best or among the best benefit offered by their employer, and 100% of employers say it makes them an “Employer of Choice”.

Increased Retention
Employers who recognise caring responsibilities will reap the benefits in retention and loyalty, with research highlighting a growing number of mothers considering their childcare options before applying for a promotion or considering a job change.

Workplace nurseries are located on-site or close by, delivering childcare tailored to the employee. They provide an incentive for working parents to return to work and prosper, with peace of mind that their children are happily playing and learning only moments away.

Greater Productivity and Engagement
At the heart of every organisation lies its people and we know from extensive research that the engagement and wellbeing of our people is key to our organisation’s success.

Engaged employees, who know their family responsibilities are supported, are better placed to deliver excellent customer service and improve business performance, while also creating a positive work environment. 94% of employers state that a workplace nursery impacts their employee engagement levels.

Reduced Absenteeism
We know working families are juggling work with caring for those who depend on them and parents naturally experience breakdowns in their care arrangements. A sustainable, high-quality solution for our employees’ childcare needs has the potential to reduce absence in the workplace – a costly challenge for employers. Employer-sponsored childcare is ideally located too – giving parents additional flexibility and a childcare provision they can trust and rely on.

Financial Savings: Workplace Nursery Exemption
Workplace nurseries provide employers and employees with financial savings too through HMRC ‘Workplace Nursery Exemption’. Workplace Nursery Exemption is an exemption which has been designed for organisations offering childcare facilities.

In addition to significant tax and National Insurance savings for employees, the exemption allows an employer to save on their Employer’s NI contributions through implementing a salary sacrifice scheme for parents paying their nursery fees. 

As the fees are taken directly from the employees’ gross salary, employers do not pay any Employer’s NI contributions and the employee saves on their tax and NI contributions too!

Why choose Bright Horizons as your workplace nursery partner?

Account Management
Once your vision is transformed into reality, our Account Management team work closely with you to ensure your workplace nursery continues to have a positive impact on your people. Your dedicated Account Manager will work closely with our Engagement Team to review the nursery’s occupancy levels. They will also be supported by several operations colleagues, including a Regional Manager and Operations Director to ensure the nursery operates smoothly and effectively.

Bespoke Environments
We work with clients from a variety of sectors to create unique environments which have the desired impact on their organisation objectives, reputation management, commercial viability, and the mitigation of risk. We understand every organisation is different and one size doesn’t fit all. We take time to understand your business and your employees to create the right environment. With over 300 of our own Bright Horizons nurseries, we also have a thorough understanding of and the ability to meet the developmental needs of young children, and the requirements and expectations of parents and families. Our commitment to providing exceptional care and early education has been recognised externally and we’re proud to regularly exceed the national figures for the percentage of settings rated Good or Outstanding.

Smooth Transitions of Childcare Management
We have longstanding partnerships with our clients, (many of whom have been working with us for more than 10 years), and we have evolved our services to meet the needs of their growing organisations. We’re also experts in transitioning childcare management, having successfully transitioned over 20 nurseries. We have a proven mobilisation process and protocols in place to ensure successful and sensitive transitioning, effective change management and minimisation of risk. Our experts are able to bring the best of Bright Horizons while preserving the best of an existing nursery setting.