Stephenson Harwood:

Empowering working parents and shaping the future of work

Stephenson Harwood LLP, a prestigious law firm renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence, has recently embarked on an inspiring journey with Bright Horizons, a story that encapsulates their dedication to setting new standards in supporting employees' professional and personal journeys. Recognising the challenges faced by individuals balancing a thriving legal career with family responsibilities, Stephenson Harwood identified a dual challenge prevalent in today's dynamic work environment.

The first challenge involved empowering working parents and caregivers to achieve their career aspirations without compromising family commitments. Simultaneously, in the era of evolving work arrangements, the firm navigated the complex terrain of hybrid work policies effectively. The overarching goal was to provide unparalleled support and flexibility, fostering a seamless work-life blend. The outcome aimed to equip employees and managers with the skills to successfully navigate the parent transition, thereby supporting both home life and ongoing careers—all while maintaining the highest professional standards. To delve deeper into this compelling client story and discover the innovative solutions implemented by Stephenson Harwood, we invite you to download the insights below.

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