On Demand Bright Horizons and HR Director Webinar:

Childcare as Business Infrastructure: The Employer’s Role

Bright Horizons and HR Director Webinar - On Demand

In this webinar we explored what is the role of employers today and when the new funded places come in during 2024 and 2025.

Leading employers are already addressing childcare as a core talent retention strategy and – more recently – as part of cost of living support.

Many employers are unsure and concerned about the implications of the new funded places. Others are worried that a potential shortage of places under the new funded scheme will put their employees in a challenging position. Research shows productivity falls when childcare is not available. 

Join this webinar to hear what leading employers are doing to ensure their people have access to quality, affordable and accessible childcare.

Our panel speaker will include:

Shaun Anderson, Operations Manager | COO | People Strategy & Business, First Direct

Chair: Peter Banks, Founder and Managing Director, HR Director

Jennifer Liston Smith, Head of Thought Leadership, Bright Horizons

Paul Quartly, Enterprise Sales Lead, Bright Horizon

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