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Parental Leave Toolkit

Supporting and coaching individuals through parental leave and return to work has become a must-have provision when competing for and retaining talent. With this in mind, our Parental Leave Toolkit offers an innovative approach to coaching. 

We have distilled our coaching expertise into our unique app-based and online solution for your organisation, your employees and their managers; a comprehensive coaching platform, personalised to your business requirements. 

Users receive a rich, individualised programme that requires little time or effort on their part; critical for time poor managers and expectant parents - it takes less than a minute to create a personal plan based on parental leave type and dates.

The toolkit is a comprehensive resource with straightforward checklists, coaching tools, advice and shared experiences and we cover all types of parental leave from professional and personal perspectives, through all stages of transition.

The online programme also means costs are much lower than those previously associated with maternity and parental leave coaching.

Built for managers and employees to provide tailored support during each stage of leave – using a specialist toolkit and resources.

Fully Inclusive
Inclusive resources for all parents; including mothers, fathers, same-sexpartners, adoptive parents, and more.

Globally Scalable
Available anywhere in the world, for any number of employees, and for organisations of all sizes.


For each of our clients we create a bespoke online portal that reflects the needs of your organisation’s policies and culture.

The programme is available across all devices and formats.

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