An Inclusive Workplace

To reap the benefits of a diverse workforce, it’s vital to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to be themselves and reach their potential. Find out more about how we can support your diversity and inclusion strategy.

Each individual in an organisation brings with them their own diverse set of perspectives, work and life experiences, as well as religious, cultural and personal differences.

The power of diversity can only be unleashed and its benefits reaped when we recognise these differences and learn to respect and value each individual, regardless of their background. Most large organisations recognise that their customer base is diverse and that having a diverse workforce benefits everyone, and many have diversity and inclusion policies and initiatives in place to ensure that this is kept on the agenda. Bright Horizons also strongly believes in respecting and celebrating our differences in order to become stronger and better together - our Bright Horizons community is a vibrant tapestry of children, families, and employees who represent a myriad of cultures, backgrounds, and experiences. We embrace our diversity and know our collective perspectives make us a stronger company.

Bright Horizons provides family care solutions which support diversity and inclusion by supporting your employees throughout their career, evolving as their working and family life changes.

Our services can help with:

  • Assessing your workforce and providing a roadmap for introducing family care benefits
  • Retaining and advancing female leaders
  • Maternity and Paternity Coaching
  • Smoothing the transition back to work after Maternity leave
  • Sourcing regular childcare for your employees family
  • Supporting employees with caring responsibilities by sourcing regular elder/adult care (or self-care, for instance, if an employee is recovering from an operation)
  • Providing emergency back-up care for when your employees usual child or adult care arrangements break down
  • We also provide a wealth of information designed to positively affect family life on our Resource Hubs (which can be tailored to your employee populace)