Losing talented people can be costly to the bottom line, not to mention in training, time and a loss of knowledge. From Baby Boomers to the new Gen Z, we can help you retain your best people.

Retaining promising employees is a big challenge. Even if you offer generous benefits, when people don’t feel like they’re supported, company culture deteriorates and turnover rises.

To retain talented people, you need to create a culture where people are supported and able to thrive. You need to help your people achieve more at every stage of their life, to tangibly support them as they care for the families they treasure above all else and to help them manage the highs and the lows. These efforts drive a strong culture and elevate your brand, enabling you to retain great talent and compete more effectively for new talent.

We regularly survey employers and employees to find out how they feel about our services and what kind of impact supporting the workforce with employee benefits (which support them AND their families) has on retention and productivity.

  • 100% of employers said access to a workplace nursery has improved overall employee retention
  • 94% of employers stated that Bright Horizons’ nursery services positively impact their employee engagement levels
  • 90% of employees surveyed indicated they’re more likely to continue to work for their employer
  • 93% of employees said that a workplace nursery would be important when considering a job change
  • 68% of employees had turned down a job offer with a higher salary because of the lack of a workplace nursery
  • 91% of employees report that back-up care would be an important factor when considering a job change
  • More than two-thirds of the respondents who had turned down a potential job change due to a lack of back-up care had been offered a higher salary
  • 71% of employees said access to Back-Up Care would be important in their decision to apply for a promotion

*Source: The Lasting Impact of Back-Up Care, Conducted by Horizons Workforce Consulting®, 2016

**Source: The Lasting Impact of Workplace Nurseries, Conducted by Horizons Workforce Consulting®, 2016