Wellbeing and Engagement

The wellbeing of our people is crucial in increasing levels of employee engagement and achieving business success. Find out more about how we can help you to foster wellbeing and boost engagement.

Employee engagement and wellbeing are paramount for any organisation's long term success.

Engaged employees are productive employees, and surveys repeatedly show that employees who feel that they and their families are supported by their employer are willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to help their employer succeed.

However, statistics also show that this message does not seem to be getting through. Each year approximately 17 million days of work are lost annually to stress in the UK alone, with personal and family care needs putting significant pressure on employees and impacting organisational performance. The good news is that these challenges can be solved successfully for both the organisation and the employee, and importantly in ways that work for the organisation’s culture, employee base and geography. So how can organisations support employee engagement and wellbeing?

Every organisation is unique – and having the right family care solutions is a combination of finding the right partner to help you ask the right questions and listening to the answers your employees give. Only after this can you create your organisation’s bespoke suite of high-impact employee benefits which will help your business to achieve its goals, whether those be attracting millennials, retaining carers, encouraging women returners, supporting carers, or an ageing workforce (to name just a few of the challenges facing employers today).

With 30+ years of working with employers around the world we are uniquely placed to assist with engagement and wellbeing support programmes.

What do employers and employees have to say about the impact of our services on engagement and wellbeing?

  • 95% of employees agreed that access to their workplace nursery reduces their stress levels and helps them with managing their work/life balance and 80% with access to back-up care believe that by offering the benefit their employer champions work/life balance
  • 89% of employees with access to a workplace nursery agreed that it positively impacts their overall wellbeing, while 70% of employees agreed that access to back-up care positively impacts their wellbeing
  • 100% of employers highlight that back-up care has improved the work/life balance of their employees, whilst 88% of employers with a Bright Horizons Workplace Nursery reported increased employee wellbeing
  • 100% of employers said that Bright Horizons Back-Up Care services positively impacts their employee engagement levels, with 94% agreeing that their workplace nursery